Our Story

I have worked as a costume designer for over 25 years which has involved working on commercials, touring and films. I have built up an extensive stock of clothing during this time and also have lots of access to secret sales, knowledge of where to find off the wall gems, and handy upcycling tricks.

My husband Niall works in the music industry as a lighting designer. He created bespoke light fittings for the shop he also has a good eye for menswear and is natural born salesman.

I studied at Chelsea School of Art in the nineties and decided to experiment with collages during lockdown. It made me realise how important Art is in my life and how much making it and looking at it can be so inspirational. We stock everything from African sculpture to collage watercolour and photography. If you are an Artist and you would like to put some pieces in the shop then please get in touch.

The aim of the shop is to make clothing and art accessible to all and create a friendly space that people like to spend time in.

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